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Zaid is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light[]

He is a survivor residing within Jaffar's Wheelstation. He crafts special UV flares which he trades to Kadir "Rais" Suleiman and his gang.

However, soon after Kyle Crane's first visit to the Wheelstation, Zaid runs out of materials and begins panicking for fear of what Rais's thugs will do to him. He asks Crane to retrieve for him turpentine and zinc powder from a nearby warehouse, initiating the Firebug quest. He offers Crane the blueprint to his flares in return.

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Show: Firebug

Crane: "You want to try calming down long enough to tell me what's wrong?"
Zaid: "Yeah, sure. Let's try that! Calming down will work! Calming down will solve everything!"
Crane: "No, walking away from you will solve everything."
Zaid: "Okay, okay! Hang on! I'm chill. I'm chill, bro! So, I make these flares for Rais. Right?"
Crane: "Flares. Like signal flares?"
Zaid: "No! No! U.V. Flares! Like, flares that the night things can't stand, because they put out this U-V, which stands for Ultra Violet, which is like... kind of a science thing."
Crane: "Got it. UV flares. Continue."
Zaid: "There is no continue! My zinc is contaminated with fluorine. It's useless! Also, I'm out of turpentine, which isn't that hard to find, except... everything's hard to find right now."
Crane: "So when Rais's peopel come for their merchandise..."
Zaid: "Is he using people now? I thought he only used hired psychopathic gorillas."
Crane: "What do you need to make these things?"
Zaid: "Just zinc and turpentine, bro. I got the rest. Worst part is, everything I need is in the trainyard warehouses, but a guy like me isn't going to last 10 seconds out there."
Crane: "I'm surprised a guy like you has lasted that long in here."
Zaid: "Oh, that's very funny... ha, ha... Very funny, funny man..."
Crane: "Maybe I'll get your supplies, but if I do, whatever you can make out of them, I take half."
Zaid: "Half?! No way! You're freakin' nuts, bro!"
Crane: "You can give me half of something, or you can keep 100% of nothing."
Zaid: "Half it is! That seems fair."

Upon returning with the items:

Zaid: "You got 'em?! You got 'em? Let me see! Oh yes! Oh Yes! This is awesome! Zaid gets to live! This looks like the beginning of a beautiful ..."
Crane: "... We're not friends."
Zaid: "No. Of course. My mistake. Associates."
Crane: "Not even that. Just tell me how you make them and I'll be on my way."
Zaid: "Right. Okie Dokie. Got it. Say no more. We have an understanding. This deal is done."
Crane: "Shut up, Zaid."
Zaid: "Yes, sir."