Yusuf is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

He is a resident of the Tower and works as one of the runners.

He offers to sell special items which he brings back from his runs. However, during the quest Goodnight Mr. Bahir, it is discovered that Yusuf is distributing fake Antizin to residents, nearly causing the death of Bahir. When he is confronted by Kyle Crane, he reveals his source to be the drug dealer and gang leader, Bento.

Crane travels to the pharmacy to confront Bento, but is informed that Yusuf has escaped the Tower and his whereabouts are unknown. Bento reveals that Yusuf was able to beat Crane to the pharmacy and warned him of Crane's approach. However, Yusuf is not found amongst the bodies after Bento and his gang are wiped out.

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