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"Witch Queen" is a side quest available in Dying Light.

Dahlia will give you a task of going to a nearby cave which can be accessed through underwater pathway in nearby canal. At the entrance is an drop crate. You need to collect 10 mushrooms growing all over the caverns. Make sure to go there during the night, because during the day there are a bunch of volatiles who will surely kill you.

Once you do that go back to Dahlia and collect the potion and blueprint. The potion has a side effect of reversing backward and frontal movement.


I've met Dahlia, the so-called "Witch". She says she can make a tincture that will allow me to go among the infected with impunity. It seems hard to believe, but maybe I'd better check it out, just in case. I have to find the caves and collect the black mushrooms she needs to make the concoction.

  • Go to the caves at night and pick all the mushrooms
Dahlia has created a tincture that will prevent the infected from detecting me for a limited period of time. She says it may have some side effects.
  • Return with mushrooms to Dahlia
  • Take the potion
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