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Quest Source Alfie in The Tower
Previous Airdrop
Next Pact with Rais (player choice)

"Voltage" is a side quest available in Dying Light. It is given by Alfie. It requires Kyle Crane to turn on the power stations that crashed in First Assignment.


The overpass lighting went down after the job I did for Spike, so now I've got to switch it back on. But Alfie wants me to do it at night. It seems a bunch of volatiles are gathering there after sundown, so he's rigged a trap for them. Switching on the three sub-stations will restore the power and activate the trap.

  • Reboot the eastern substation
  • Reboot the northern substation
  • Go to the central station
  • Find the master panel and reset the breaker during the night
I've restored the power, and zapped a bunch of infected. Not a bad night's work.
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