Volkan Yasif Dal is a character featured in Dying Light.


Early life

Dal is a wealthy business owner living in Harran. His corporation's title, Volkan Petrol Engineering, suggests that he worked as a CEO with a company specializing in petroleum products. He previously employed brothers Tolga and Fatin, before the outbreak.

Events of Dying Light

Despite his vast fortune, Dal remains trapped in the city like many other survivors. He sends a messenger to contact Kyle Crane at the Tower, instructing him to meet with Tolga and Fatin, twin brothers formerly employed by Dal. The brothers provide Crane with a series of side-quests. At some point between the beginning of the infection and Crane meeting Tolga and Fatin, Dal was bitten and subsequently infected. According to his account, his wealth could only buy him a way into a quarantined high-security government facility, which he did not prefer to simply finding an alternative exit from the city.  Dal then instructed the twins, who were employed by him, to find a way out of the city. With Crane's assistance, they were able to construct a makeshift submarine which they intended to launch out of the city and shore elsewhere. Unfortunately for the three, the submarine was unable to launch and failed during a systems check. The group went through a series of alternative options suggestions, with Dal ultimately deciding to instruct the brothers to build him a "Jetpack".

Events of The Following

At some point after Dal and the twin's submarine failure, Tolga, Fatin and Dal located a small aircraft and were able to render it airworthy. The three managed to fly as far as the countryside, located not far from Harran (through the sewer system). Tolga and Fatin were forced to abandon the plane, as was Dal after managing to pilot it a short distance westwards. The twins tasked Crane with locating Vulcan Dal, only for Crane to find that Dal's shoes (which the twins placed a tracker in to ensure Dal did not double-cross them) were taken by Polat, a survivor at Jasir's Farm. According to Polat, Dal's bite was left untreated for too long and he turned. Dal's body was left at a shrine close to Jasir's Farm. 


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