Let me preface by saying that I only recently bought Dying Light, and completely enjoyed it. That being said, I can usually rely on the Wikia community for good reliabe information.

I only recently came here to the Dying Light Wikia looking for info and data on the game. What a sad dissapointment this is. With the release of The Following and more DLC on the way, I am going to challenge myself to add more to pages. More often than not, I see just a page along the lines of "Character/ Weapon" appears within the game "Dying Light". 

Really? Thats the best we can do? Not a short description of location, relevance to side quests or main quests, anything helpful? So I am going to replay all of the game that I can, adding more info and data to any articles that I can. 

To be fair, there are a few articles that have a good amount of info. But not enough. Lets all try to change that, shall we?

Remeber, this isn't just a wiki, this is OUR wiki, and that we should take a little pride in that, eh?

First piece of advice: Why don't we combine all of the consumables into one page and use a table to describe how much health is restored based on the item? If this idea has no opposition until Febuary 28, 2016, I shall take it into effect.

Second Piece of Advice: Delete one of these pages, we dont need both:

I personally feel that the second one is more lacking in information. 

UPDATE: I'd like to thank you guys for showing support, Alex and Thollos, I really appreciate it. I'd also like to mention that I'm not the best when it comes to doing unique things like a table and whatnot, so I'm gonna ask if you guys have any suggestions/ helpful links for tools on the wiki? Thanks in advance.

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