Part 1 (There are so many that I'm breaking this up into multiple parts)

Suprise Suprise, I'm not dead!

I'm actually here to talk about a fairly important issue. Too many pages. I've discussed this before, but no one has really "done" anything about it. I feel however that it is time to get rid of some pages, thanks to WerewolfNightmare and his incredible weapon pages that he makes. I mean, look at all of these 

Below is a list of pointless weapon pages that we don't need. 

Dark Machete , Panga Machete , Camo Machete

Falls under the Machete page

Leave the Korek Machete , Korek Machete V2 , and Rebel Machete due to thier uniqueness?

Medival Long Sword , Merciless Long Sword , Remarkable Medival Long SwordBastard Sword , Premium Bastard Sword , Brutal Bastard SwordSipahi Saber , Premium Sipahi Saber , Wicked Saber , Sacraficial Short Sword , Superior Sacraficial Short Sword , Mighty Short Sword

Falls under the Sword page

Brutal Hatchet , Handyman's Hatchet , Iron Hatchet , Superior Iron Hatchet , Simple Hatchet , Rainbow Hatchet , Wicked Hatchet 

Falls under the Hatchet page

Axes - All axes have been redirected to the Axe page. Revisit this issue at a later date.

Deadly Blade , Hook Blade , Billhook Blade , Violent Blade , Boomerang Blade , Safety Blade , Guthook Blade

Falls under the Blade page

However, someone has gone through and redireced some of these pages to the correct link, such as the Tanto Machete linking to the Machete page. This is both good and bad. Good because it is less work, bad because it is still taking up space on the wiki. 

If anyone with the power to delete these could do it, we could clean this wiki up quite a bit.

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