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  • Oscar5322

    As of recent,Techland released 4 new DLC not included in the season pass. For some of you, this may not seem like a big deal. To me, I feel like I was lied to and deceived. What I want to know is how you feel regarding this?

    And before you say "Dev's need money though" - they shouldn't lie to thier players and fan base then. A "DLC Bundle Pack" is more accurate sounding than a "Season Pass." When I bought the season pass, I thought I was getting a pass on all upcoming DLC for this season.

    UPDATE: I have recived a reply from Techland with a basic explination. The Season pass is good for the previous 2015 season. If that is true, I am hoping that they release a season pass for this current season. 

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  • Oscar5322

    Overflow of Pages

    April 12, 2016 by Oscar5322

    Part 1 (There are so many that I'm breaking this up into multiple parts)

    Suprise Suprise, I'm not dead!

    I'm actually here to talk about a fairly important issue. Too many pages. I've discussed this before, but no one has really "done" anything about it. I feel however that it is time to get rid of some pages, thanks to WerewolfNightmare and his incredible weapon pages that he makes. I mean, look at all of these 

    Below is a list of pointless weapon pages that we don't need. 

    Dark Machete , Panga Machete , Camo Machete

    Falls under the Machete page

    Leave the Korek Machete , Korek Machete V2 , and Rebel Machete due to thier uniqueness?

    Medival Long Sword , Merciless Long Sword , Remarkable Mediv…

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  • Oscar5322

    Where are we headed?

    March 10, 2016 by Oscar5322

    We need a dicrection. As of right now, we are a rag-tag group of guys working on random articles. We need to start somewhere, and focus our attention. The question is, where do we do that?

    If we start with the base game, one of the things we should work on is a basic walk-through. I know I had an issue on the Siblings quest as to finding where the second bomb went (I didn't get that I had to go down to go up). There was nowhere I could go for help. If we want to bring in new players, we should focus on making it accesible to them.

    However, if we want to focus on new content, we should continue what we are doing. Miscelaneous research, improving random pages, etc. But we will need somewhere to start at one point. 

    Take pride in this Wiki runne…

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  • Oscar5322


    March 4, 2016 by Oscar5322

    One of our issues is that we have the information, we have the people, but we don't have a template or standard to run certain items by. As a result, we have pages such as the Fastball Blueprint and the SuperNova blueprint (But this one was recently found so it gets alot of slack)

    I would be happy to make some basic templates, unless you guys feel that we should stick with resreach rather than polishing right now. (I need to start pulling my weight at some point)

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  • Oscar5322

    So with the recent increase of improvement and usage of this wiki (Mostly by us 4) I feel that we need a better way to communicate. Comments on a blog post aren't the best way, but they work for the basic necessities. I know that there is also a chat on this wiki, but none of us are ever on at the same time. I've decided to include my steam profile in my profile description (or here if you're lazy) because with Steam it is easier to send messages and to do "research" ingame with help.

    If any of you get bored in dying light playing solo (I know I do) send me a friend request. 

    To use a poll extenstion, simply use the following format. (Replace the Brackets [ ] with < >)

    [poll] Title of Poll

    option 1

    option 2



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