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"When panic broke out, crisis forces escorted a large group of healthy population inside an underground parking, away from the infected. They established a temporary refugee camp, they set some perimeter blockades and hoped for the best. All for nothing. There was an outbreak and everything went to hell, so military sealed this place and left everyone inside to their fate."
—Loading screen

Underground Parking is a quarantine zone challenge available

The Underground Parking Building.

 in Dying Light located in the Slums.

This challenge is located in the underground parking lot of a large apartment building. The parking lot itself consists of a large loop filled with cars and medical equipment, connected to an entrance with a high wall stopping most infected from leaving the main area.

The level also features several volatiles, among a large number of biters. If the player wishes to kill all of these volatiles, it is recommended that players use the entrance wall to their advantage, luring volatiles underneath it and attacking them with firearms, throwing weapons or simply a long melee weapon. If high-damage inflicting weapons are not available, sneaking around them is another option, albeit difficult without skills. 

Nearly all of the loot, crates, and disaster relief supply packages are located in very undesirable areas, mostly in the open where the infected patrol and/or gather. In fact, one of the supply packages is inside a car trunk, rigged to sound an alarm and attract the infected. 

It is recommended to use large amounts of firecrackers and/or UV flares if only the disaster relief supply packages are desired as means of distraction or to ward off the infected. 


  • Camouflage is highly recommend to use in this quarantine zone, as it not only provides a disguise against the infected but it also provides a decent version of night-vision in the pitch black areas. 
  • If the player is being chased by the volatiles, it is possible to simply vault over the entrance wall for the pursuit to end without leaving the quarantine zone. 
  • There are two cars rigged to sound an alarm if the car trunks are opened or they are even touched. One of them contains a DROP package whereas the other one contains nothing at all and thus, should be avoided. However, it can be used as a distraction if the player can run and/or hide effectively. 


  • On occasion, some of the volatiles may fall through the map, making the quarantine zone easier. 



Dying Light Underground Parking Quarantine Zone

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