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The UV Flashlight is an equipment item in Dying Light.


Unlike the normal flashlight, this flashlight will run out of power after long usage, but its battery will regenerate over time. It is used for burning and stunning Volatiles at night. It is also used to drain the stamina of the player controlled Night Hunter to stop it from using its locomotion tendrils.


  • The UV flashlight can be used to stun Volatiles, causing them to recoil backwards and cover their face, this can be used to slow down a pursuit to assist in escaping, and also, more comically, cause them to back pedal right off a roof.
  • With the backlash skill, the player can use the UV light while looking over their shoulder making pursuits at night easier to escape.
  • The UV light is your greatest weapon in the Be The Zombie mode invasions, being the only thing stopping the Night Hunter from turning you into mush.
  • The UV light can also interrupt the Night Hunter's pounce attack leaving them vulnerable to a counter attack. This is the only way to survive a pounce attack.
  • UV light will not interrupt a Night Hunter's tackle, although it will prevent it if the beast runs out of stamina before attacking.
  • If all of the Night Hunter's stamina is drained by the UV flashlight, it will flash bright orange and appear to be on fire, Crane will also make a remark on this (Now's our chance, kill it! etc.) during this, it will become very slow, and be unable to use its tendril locomotion, or tackle, presenting an opening to kill it. This does not cause the Night Hunter to take any extra damage, it only slows it down, making it far easier to hit.
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