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"Tunnel Vision" is a side quest available in Dying Light.


Someone's putting red smoke in the air. It looks like an air drop signal, and that could bring in Rais's thugs. I'd better go warn this guy. He's asking for trouble.

  • Go to the bazaar and find Aziz
Aziz has provided me with everything but the Phenyl-Nitrate. It seems the courier who had it crashed his car in the tunnel. Now I'll have to go out to the tunnel and find it. The courier's car is white. I seem to recall reading somewhere that white is the most popular car color in Harran. Funny the things one reads. 
  • Go to the tunnel and find the courier's white car
I've found the Phenyl-Nitrate. Now I have to bring it back to Aman. He has a plan for dealing with Ryan.
  • Return to the Tower and talk to Aman
Aman has replaced the Phenyl-Nitrate with a compound that induces sleep. I think Rais's boys are in for some unexpected snoozing.
  • Take the package back to Ryan
  • Kill the thugs
  • Talk with Ryan
I saved Ryan from a band of his competitors, and provided him with the ingredients to make some very poor quality "Slam", that will probably put Rais's people to sleep. Nighty-night.
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