Troy is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

She is the leader of the Embers and resides within the Embers' Tower, a church tower under construction at the time of the outbreak.

During the main story quest Pact With Rais, Kyle Crane restores radio connection throughout the districts and is contacted by Troy, who offers her thanks.

Later, during the quest Find the Embers, Crane travels to Old Town in search of Jade Aldemir and must locate Troy at the Embers' Tower. Troy directs Crane to Harran University, where he is reunited with Spike and makes contact with Fidan.

Next, Troy recalls Crane to the Embers' Tower where they watch a news broadcast stating the local government's intention to bomb the city. However, Troy enlists Kyle in a plot to bomb a nearby apartment building in a controlled explosion so as to create a burning face and prove survivors are still alive in the quarantine zone. Her runner, Michael, is trapped in the basement and must be rescued by Crane. Afterwards, Crane is able to plant the explosives and detonate them, but the Ministry of Defence bombs the building and nullifies their work.

After the completion of the quest The Museum, Troy contacts Kyle and expresses her condolences following the death of Jade. She has relocated and asks Crane to meet with her, asking him to install an amplifier on a nearby radio antenna in the hopes of aborting the planned bombing run.



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