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"Instant puke delivery! Works every time!"
In-game description

Toxic Bolts are special ammunition for the Crossbow. Upon hitting a target, it is able to poison all enemies around said target.


There are a few applicable uses for Toxic Bolts due to the nature of poison in this game. Its first and most obvious use is against humans. They can be used to snipe and poison approaching melee humans, weakening them for your weapons. It can also be used in firefights, serving as an instantaneous area damage tool against enemies hiding in cover. Compared to Toxic Grenades, despite its inability to damage multiple enemies in one single explosion, the lack of explosion itself means that it won't attract Virals or Volatiles while its instant activation means it is more flexible in timing and positioning. Its damage over time ability is also decently useful against enemies with high health as long as no other infected are nearby.

However, it is still a toxic weapon. Biters that survive this weapons effect will become elemental infected, becoming more dangerous to even approach. Because of this, when used against a horde, it is best used after another area damage weapon such as Electric Arrows or DIY Grenades has damaged them, thus relegating this bolt as a finisher. However at that point, it's better to just use Toxic Grenades or Toxic Trap Bombs as they are capable of providing extra area damage needed to further weaken the Biters and reduce their chances of survival.

One last thing to note is that non-elemental Biters or humans will vomit upon being poisoned, making this weapon a decent get-away tool when the player has run out of Stun Bolts.

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Blueprint Requirement Effects/Usage
Toxic Bolts Alternate ammunition for the Crossbow / Upgraded Crossbow. This variant creates a poisonous cloud around whatever it hits.


  • It is one of the few Toxic weapons which do not require Toxic Lichen to craft