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"Total Security" is a side quest available in Dying Light.

Glitch PS4 Recorder won't appear on chair.

After completing the sidequest 'The Big Bang Thesis' there is a bug/glitch where the exclamation point appeared on the map for 'Total Security' as it should. However, when you approach Jaffar the prompt button doesnt do anything. There is no name in the black dialogue box like any other interactive NPC in the game


Jaffar received a message from a group of survivors. Their leader is Hanson, who had been in charge of security at the Tower. It seems there's been an accident and they need help.

  • Find Hanson's group at the Slabs.
The entire building is locked and electrified. There's no way to scale it without shutting off the power. Hanson certainly knew how to keep out the biters.
  • Shut off the generator
I've found Hanson. Looks like he fell to his death after switching on the electrical grid.
  • Investigate the area
Hanson's people killed themselves. Once the electrical system was on they became stuck on the roof with no way off, and no way to get back in the building. Hanson's security was a little too perfect.
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