"Crane - like the mindless machine that lifts heavy things."
—Tolga regarding Kyle Crane.

Tolga is a character featured in Dying Light.


Early life

Along with his twin brother, Fatin, he was an engineer employed by Volkan Yasif Dal, the wealthiest man in Harran.

Events of Dying Light

After Kyle Crane is approached by a messenger employed by Dal, he is directed to meet with the brothers while they are living out of a van in Jaffar's Wheelstation. They ask Kyle to retrieve a number of necessary items for the project on which they are working.

First, they ask Crane to retrieve hooks from the nearby warehouses in On the Hooks.

Next, they task Kyle with recovering three engine batteries from city buses. They direct him to a nearby bus station where a number of buses have been abandoned.

The brothers will relocate to the Fishermen's Village and contact Crane again, this time asking him to retrive 10 Power Cables and 10 rolls of Duct Tape. Next, they ask Crane to retrieve a sonar machine from the abandoned quarantine zone on Infamy Bridge. However, upon recovering the sonar and contacting the twins, they inform Kyle they do not need it at that moment, but to hold on to it for later.

It is later revealed that their project is constructing a submarine alongside their employer, Volkan Dal.

Events of Dying Light: The Following

While Crane is in the countryside, he witnesses a plane crash and learns that Tolga and Fatin had escaped from the city in the recovered plane. They later find a train to get through the wall but this ends up failing as after they bust through the wall. It crushes him and his brother, apparently killing them. They later radio Crane to say that they have made it to the other side of the dam and thus escaped the quarantine.


Dying Light

Dying Light: The Following


  • Tolga was voiced by Thomas Nelstrop, who also provided the voices of Faraj and Rocket.
  • Tolga and Fatin are the only known characters to escape the quarantine and possibly survive the events of Dying Light and Dying Light: The Following.
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