Throwing Stars are a type of throwing weapon featured in Dying Light.

Variants Edit

There are two variants of Throwing Stars available in the base game:

Variants Image
Premium Throwing Star
Premium Throwing Star
Throwing Star
Throwing Star

The Following adds variants of Throwing Star:

Premium Throwing Star
  • Extravagant Throwing Stars (x3)
  • Fabulous Throwing Stars (x4)
  • Legendary Throwing Stars (x2)

Elemental Throwing Stars Edit

Once you unlock Elemental Throwing Stars at Survivor Rank 4 from the Survival skill tree, you are able to make modified Throwing Stars with three elemental effects such as Burning, Freezing, and Explosive. Despite having to unlock the skill, you will also need certain requirements of components to craft these weapons.

Variant Components
Burning Throwing Stars
  • Metal Parts (1)
  • Chemicals (1)
  • Alchohol (1)
Explosive Throwing Stars
  • Metal Parts (1)
  • Chemicals (1)
  • Household Supplies (1)
Freezing Throwing Stars
  • Metal Parts (1)
  • Underwater Algae (1)
  • Herb (1)
  • Flourescent Mushrooms (1)

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Shurikens (also known as Throwing Stars in-game) are traditional Japanese concealed weaponry that are used primarily for throwing, as well as slashing and shanking.

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