• Not gonna lie, I want power. Just one though. The ability to ban users such asĀ who just ruin the wiki. I know that there are others that you've given power to do this, but they usually seem too busy.

    I also understand if you deny this "request (desperate begging please for the love of god I hate these users)".

    Good day, Oscar.

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    • Hey Oscar,

      I appreciate your desire to help the wiki and get rid of vandals, but approaching me by "demanding" for rights wouldn't be the way to go. If you put in a formal request for rights, it may have been different.

      Your contributions look good though. For now, I am going to decline. If you continue working on the wiki and further prove your capabilities, I will consider granting you rights.

      I went ahead and blocked the vandal. If you see another one, contact an administrator to get it sorted. Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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