"The Way Out" is the first story quest of The Following expansion pack in Dying Light.



Our runners brought in a badly wounded, delirious man, raving about people immune to the virus. He had a map showing a way out of Harran. There are more and more sick people here, and not enough Antizin... and Camden's research hasn't borne any fruit yet. I've got to check every lead.

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Find a way out of the sewers.
It looks like the one-eyed man, Lena's patient, told us the truth. There is a way out of Harran, and it really does lead to the countryside. What's more important is that, in his fever, he was mumbling that the locals don't even turn if they get bitten. Gotta verify that - especially since we're running out of Antizin.

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Find someone who knows more about the rumor.
Found a farm. It seems like a good place to ask about the rumor.

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Try to find out more about people who don't turn.
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Find someone in charge.
Shit. The villagers won't talk to me. They told me to find Jasir, the Mayor. He's the one in charge, but he won't talk to me either, dammit.

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Find someone willing to tell you something.
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