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"So run, boys, run
though you can't run away
it's a ghost of your past
leading you astray

They stopped at the wishing well
All hidden in plain sight
but it ran as deeop as the road to hell
and dark as pure midnight"
Quest introduction

The Thrill of the Chase: Wishing Well is a side quest available in Dying Light: The Following.[1]


Objective icon
Find the hidden cave under the statue
Objective icon
Follow the clue


Having found the proper notes in Adam's house during "The Thrill of the Chase", Crane will be given this quest. Head to the Temple located in the southwestern section of the northern part of the map, west of the Lake of the Sun. From the parking lot, follow the path up until the cave is entered. Jump down into the water and swim to the bottom to find the chest. It is surrounded by Underwater algae and locked with an easy lock.

Open the chest to find the Ranger revolver and finish the quest.

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