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"The Shadow of the King" is a side quest available in Dying Light.


Ishaq promised to share his gift with me. He wants to forsee my future. It may be related to Rais in some way.

  • Talk to Ishaq
Ishaq told me his prophecy, it goes something like that: "Rising sun... leading me to the fountain of blood... place where people are speaking tongues... follow the red trail... to be enlightened... the deceitful number 9... shadow of a self-proclaimed king... with whom I will fight? And I'll find out who he is and what his weaknesses are and I will take his crown or die."
  • Follow clues from the prophecy
  • Enter the hotel
  • Find room number 9
  • Check room number 206
Ishaq's prophecy guided me to Rais's old room in the hotel. I don't know if Ishaq has a real supernatural power or not, but he was right. 
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