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«The Prodigal Son» is a side quest available in Dying Light. You receive this quest from Alexei at his radio tower. After learning that his son Kristov has joined Brecken's Tower as a runner, you must track him down and get him to return to Alexei.


Alexei and Kristov live by the antenna tower, manufacturing blades for Rais and his gang. But Kristov doesn't want to work for Rais anymore, and has run off to join Brecken's group. Alexei knows how dangerous Rais is, but thinks working for him is the safest way for him and his son to survive. Now he wants me to bring his son back.

  • Check the Tower for Kristov
  • Ask Ayo about Kristov
I talked with Ayo and it turned out that Kristov has joined our scout team. He's on a mission right now, heading toward a newly constructed skyscraper. Maybe I'll find him on the way there.
  • Look for Kristov in the area around the new skyscraper
Got a message from Kristov, and he's in trouble. Guess his dad was right to be worried about him.
  • Get to the Inn
  • Secure a safe zone for the survivors
I found Kristov and helped him rescue some survivors on a bus. Now I need to talk to him about his father's concerns. He's not a bad runner-he might even become a good one. But he needs to resolve his situation with his father.
  • Talk to Kristov
I've talked to Kristov and convinced him to give up running if his father will stop working for Rais and join him. Now I have to convince Alexei.
  • Get back to Alexei
Alexei has agreed to join his son at the Tower. They'll work together to make weapons for Brecken's group (boy, could they use them!).
  • Protect Alexei
  • Talk to Alexei
​​​​​​​Alexei has given me a new weapon schematic of his own design: an electric machete! Glad this didn't wind up in Rais's hands.
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