The Mother is a character who appears in The Following. She is the leader of the cult entitled The Following and holds the power to keep her servants, The Faceless, from turning into the infected.

It is eventually revealed that she is a sentient-volatile.

During the "Take the Vials" ending, she will become hostile and attacks Crane (having the player required to fight her), resulting him breaking her head off and killing her. During the "Sacrifice" ending, she will lead Kyle to a nuclear warhead and have him activate the bomb, where she thanks him before the blast.


Little is known about the Mother, other than the fact that she was married to a man named Amir, better known as "The Colonel". While it is not expressly stated, the Colonel's access to the mysterious serum which, when converted to smoke, provides a temporary immunity to the base Harran Virus, coupled with his access to nuclear weapons of mass destructions, suggests that after the breakout began, the Colonel was the highest ranking military official left in the Harran countryside.

At some point after the virus spread beyond control, Jasmine was given a set of vials containing the syrum which, as her condition suggests, rendered her a sentient volatile infected after consuming. Since then, she has been worshiped by locals and considered the leader of the cult group known as "The Faceless".

Her intentions seem to be destroying the virus completely by ordering Crane to carry out the "God of the Sun" prophecy by detonating a nuclear warhead whose atomic yield is unknown, but capable of wiping out any traces of the infection in both the countryside and the city of Harran.


The Following


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