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"Jolly was certain that Elena, her father's new girlfriend, was a black widow: taking her beaus' money, then killing them. The only witness alive who could confirm this was Elena's ex-boyfriend, Josh."
Quest description

The Black Widow is a Side Quest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Objective icon
Find Josh in the Fish Eye at night.
I asked around the Canteen about Josh. One of them suggested I look for him on a nearby rooftop.

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Search nearby rooftops for Josh.
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Defend Josh.
When I found Josh, he was drunk and aggressive. He tried to ignore me by turning up his music, which blew the fuses and caused the UV lamps to go out. An open invitation to Infected...

Objective icon
Reset the fuses!
I reset the fuses.

Objective icon
Ask Josh about Elena.
I got rid of the Infected. Josh confirmed that went broke spending money on Elena. And worse, he insisted that she tried to poison him. However, he drank enough booze to nullify the poison... or so he thought.

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Search Elena's room for evidence.
I found a suspicious orange container, which convinced me that Elena was a murderer. She pleaded with me take the container to the Plague Witch to prove that its contents weren't poison, but I handed over Elena to the PK. She was sent to jail.


While aboard the PK Floating Fortress in The Wharf in the Central Loop, a woman named Jolly may be encountered. She will ask Aiden for help as she believes her father's girlfriend, Elena, will spend his money to such an extent that they will have nothing left. She believes that when Elena is done with her father she will kill him, as most of her other boyfriends also turned up dead, with the sole exception being her latest boyfriend Josh. Jolly asks Aiden to look for Josh near the Fish Eye Canteen and ask him about Elena after sunset.

Head over to the Fish Eye Canteen in New Dawn Park at night and ask the patrons if they know Josh. Most are useless, but speaking to the woman at the bar will advance the quest, as another nearby patron will recommend looking at the nearby roofs to find Josh. So head outside.

Once outside, head over to the building east of the bar, on its roof is a boarded-up entrance into an apartment, surrounded by Biters. Dispatch the biters and enter the building. Josh will be startled and refuse to talk about Elena, because of the music and the fuses failing, Virals enter the building. Dispatch them and flip the nearby fuses in order to charge up the UV lights, then talk to Josh again.

Josh is more cooperative now, and mentions how he hooked up with Elena shortly after her previous husband had died, who was the third person in a row to die after being with her, all of them having spent their money on her before their death. Josh concluded that Elena was poisoning her husbands with her own secret poison recipe. He left her before he would suffer the same fate. He tells Aiden to check her apartment on the PK Floating Fortress for little orange boxes, which he says is her stash of the poison.

Armed with the new information, return to the PK Floating Fortress and investigate the Elena's room in the sleeping quarters, which are located to the west of Juan Rainer's office on the crafting deck. Her door is locked with a hard lock which needs to be picked. Open up the box in the south side of the room to find a bottle. Before Aiden can take it, Elena will show up with a knife, threatening to skewer Aiden like a pig if he makes a wrong move. Despite an attempt of Aiden to clear up the situation by asking what the pills are, Elena refuses to be cooperative at first, but after a bit of pressing puts the knife away and talks. She denies the accusations of murder, but before a real conversation can get going Meyer bursts into the room. Aiden has two options: say that Elena has been poisoning people, or that everything is fine.

GameSpot Expert Reviews

Elena's Poison[]

If Aiden tells Meyer that Elena has been poisoning people, Elena will ask Aiden to ask "Baba", the Plague Witch on Saint Paul Island, about the "poison" to verify that it is not a poison at all. Meyer will then take her away, believing the Baba to be nothing but a charlatan, telling Elena that if she is her best witness she will die the next day.

Upon leaving the room, Jolly is encountered. She will state that she called the guards on Elena and is glad she could trust Aiden. She has no direct reward, but states she will talk to her father and that Aiden will be more than welcome in his shop.

False Alarm[]

If choosing to say it was just a disagreement, Meyer will ask what Aiden is holding in his hand, as she got an anonymous tip to search the room due to talks of murder. She will believe that the content of the bottles to be poison and as such detains Elena until its contents are verified. Elena will mention "Baba", the Plague Witch of Saint Paul Island, and says she will clear her name if she is shown what Aiden found.

Head over to the "Baba", who is located in a small church in central Saint Paul Island, and talk to her about the bottle. She is unable to help Aiden unless he brings her the proper reagents from the GRE field hospital in the Saint Paul Cathedral. Head over to the cathedral, which is located in southeastern Saint Paul Island and enter the building from the roof.

Once inside, get down to the floor level and search the area. Be mindful as the reagents can be found in the parts of the Cathedral which are chemical areas, both hidden in cabinets locked with a medium level lock. After obtaining the reagents, return to the Baba.

With the reagents from the GRE, the Plague Witch checks to see whether or not the bottle contains poison or not. She comes to the conclusion that the bottle does not contain poison, but rather, antibiotics. Head on over to the PK Floating Fortress and look for Elena's cell.

At the cell, Jolly is accusing Elena of being a murderer and is glad at the thought of her being hanged for it. Elena bites back by saying Jolly is merely jealous that her father wanted to spend time with someone else. Meyer is attracted by the commotion and tells the girls to quiet down. Before she can move away, however, Aiden takes the opportunity to point out that the pills were not poison, but antibiotics. She doubts Aiden's statement, as there have not been antibiotics for twenty years. When pointing out that they were homemade, Meyer tells Aiden to take the pills to prove it is not poison. This will give two options: take the antibiotics, or don't take the antibiotics.

If chosen not to take the antibiotics, Meyer will hold on to her belief that the container holds poison. As such, she orders Elena to death by hanging the next day. Jolly will be glad and thank Aiden for his help, admitting that her father called the guards on Elena after having been pressed by a panicked Jolly. Upon closing the conversation, the quest is completed.

Upon taking the antibiotics, Meyer concludes that with the container empty and Aiden still alive, it was not poison. As such, she releases Elena from her cell. Elena will move away from the PK Floating Fortress, as her room was looted while she was in jail. Meanwhile, a man named Alton chats with Jolly, who is trying to justify Elena's arrest. Upon hearing Aiden request payment, Alton presses Jolly for information who brushes it away. Jolly herself states that Aiden failed his mission as Elena still lives and that the arrest made earlier in the quest was made at her call. She storms off, irritated, finishing the quest.