Jaffar and Kurt have a plan to improve the Dynamite I recovered. They want me to come to Jaffar's workshop.

  • Get to Jaffar's place
  • Talk to Kurt
Kurt is going to assemble an anti-personnel bomb, by combining the dynamite I brought with firecrackers and a load of shrapnel. But first he needs a battery from a truck that he can use for a casing.
  • Find the truck battery
  • Deliver the truck battery to Kurt
I delivered the battery to Kurt. Now he needs metal scraps, power cables and sugar to help him build a bomb.
Kurt has everything he needs. It shouldn't take long for him to assemble the bomb.
  • Wait until Kurt prepares the bomb
  • Get back to Kurt
There's a barricaded tunnel nearby. It's full of volatiles during the day, but at night it should be pretty clear. Sounds like a good place to test a bomb.
  • Plant the bomb in the tunnel at night
  • Leave the tunnel and wait for the explosion
  • Activate the bomb
  • Escape from the tunnel
Kurt's bomb destroyed the nest and blew out the barricade. The tunnel is now passable. Also, Kurt gave me a blueprint, so I can make my own bombs.
  • Talk to Kurt
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