Thabit Erdal is a character featured in Dying Light.


Early life

He was a resident of the Old Town district of Harran and worked for the municipal government as the town clerk. However, he was generally disliked and openly admits to corruption. Following the outbreak, the municipal governement was dissolved and Erdal was left without a job.

Events of Dying Light

After speaking with Ihsan at the northern rooftop safe zone, Kyle Crane learns of a supply cache kept within a bunker somewhere in the district, initiating the side-quest The Bunker. Crane seeks out Erdal for assistance, but he desires the Seal of the Mayor in return.

Kyle must travel nearby to the Avryk Hotel and retrieve the seal from the mayor's room. Once Erdal has the seal, he reveals that the bunker is located underneath Town Hall, though Crane finds the basement door locked. Kyle contacts Thabit over the radio and informs him of the locked door, and Erdal reveals that the necessary Key Card is in the possession of Captain Enver Halim of the Harran Police Department. The police captain, however, has been infected and mutated into a demolisher roaming the streets outside Harran University.

Once Captain Halim has been defeated, Crane returns to the basement with the key card only to be confronted by Erdal, who declares Crane a thief and claims the bunker's contents for himself. He attacks Kyle, and is killed in the ensuing fight. Crane contacts Ihsan to inform him of the bunker's contents and Erdal's death.


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