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Taurus is a gas station company in Dying Light
Taurus Logo

The Taurus logo.


This company has many gas stations scattered throughout Harran , with all of them currently inactive, due to the Infection. The player visits one during the Quest Pact with Rais, while looking for Rais's missing patrol, where he gets ambushed by the only surviving one, who attacks Crane by firing his gun from atop the Gas station's roof.

Many, if not all of the Taurus gas stations can be used by the player as Safe zones once they are made safe.

During a random encounter, the player can meet Abdullah on a rooftop near the train station, who explains to the player that he used to be the owner of all the Taurus gas stations in Harran until the infection, where he became, just like all the other inhabitants of the city, another survivor fighting every day to survive in the Zombie Apocalypse.


  • The company's name may be based on the cattles's binomial name, Bos Taurus[1] considering the company's logo ressembles a Bull's head.


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