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Tariq is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light[]

He is a survivor residing within the rooftop safe zone in northern Old Town.

During the Chasing Past side-quest, he asks Kyle Crane for assistance with the orphan Tom Dooley. He then requests help with figuring out what happened to said orphan, promising a reward. After discovering the cannibal, Kyle returns to Tariq who gives him a key to a room in the museum containing various items. Upon returning, Kyle asks Tariq to get better at being around children

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Show: The Museum

Crane: "Tariq?"
Tariq: "What do you want? We don't have anything here but a few scraps of food."
Crane: "Relax. Troy sent me."
Tariq: "Troy? Thank God. I've been a nervous wreck since I found this kid. He's got nobody to look out for him, but I'm not so good with kid, y'know?"
Crane: "That's not why I'm here."
Tariq: "But... Troy promised she'd send someone."
Crane: "I need to get into the museum."
Tariq: "The museum? ... But Troy told me someone would come to help. She promised."
Crane: "Okay, Tariq. You tell me how to get into the museum, and maybe I can sort out your problem here, okay?"
Tariq: "Rais controls the museum. He would kill you on sight."
Crane: "Well, then I can't have him see me. Now, Troy said you used to be the curator, and that if anybody would know a way in, it would be you. So, how do I it?"
Tariq: "Do you have scuba gear, perhaps?"
Crane: "No."
Tariq: "Too bad. There's an entrance under the surface of Emerald Pond, but it would be a long swim under the water. You would most likely drown."
Crane: "Well, most likely isn't definitely, so I guess I'll give it a try."

Show: Chasing Past

Crane: "Where'd you find him?"
Tariq: "He just showed up. He barely talks and when he does, he says some strang things. A lot of it is about someone named Mike. The only thing he had with him was this voice recorder. But this fellah, Mike- it might be his brother. The kid says he left him behind. He asked me to go get him, but I don't think I can do it. It's too dangerous to take him with me and I don't want to leave him here alone."
Crane: "Do you know where he lived?"
Tariq: "Dolma Street. Unit eleven- two."
Crane: "Ok, maybe I'll check it out."
Tariq: "Keep this recorder. Maybe it'll help you understand what happened there."

After solving the mystery:

Tariq: "You're back? Did you find Mike?"
Crane: "Mike was his dog. He's dead. So's his father. And it wasn't even the Infected. It was just some twisted creep."
Tariq: "This place... It's too much for people. Listen, Crane... These are the keys to the museum storage. There's a lot of weapons from all different times. Maybe you'll find something useful there."
Crane: "Thanks, Tariq. But there's something else I want from you."
Tariq: "Sure. Anything."
Crane: "You said you're not good with kids."
Tariq: "No. Not really."
Crane: "Well, get good."
Tariq: "I will try. I give you my word."


  • Tariq used to be a museum employee before the outbreak
  • Doing his quest is vital in the process of acquiring the Flap Clap and God Hammer blueprints
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