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Survivors are minor characters in Dying Light. They can be usually found throughout the city trapped from the Infected, being beat up by Rais's Men, or hiding. If the player helps them, they are given Cash or upgrades for weapons, and experience points to go towards their rank. On occasion, such Survivors can defeat their opponents without the player's help, thus providing free XP and rewards. They can be found in both friendly and hostile variations; and hostile survivors will readily attack the player with melee weapons, often in pairs.



Survivors wear various apparel to protect themselves when out in the open. Some wear martial arts headgear. Many of the survivors wear mouth covers, which could be either a Dust or Surgical mask. This could be to reduce the chance of spreading airborne diseases; they are sick, and are considerate of other survivors, or to not have infected blood orally ingested. Some wear sunglasses of different styles, and can have rags or a bandana tied in a way which covers their head.

Survivors seen in combat situations typically have large jackets with overlaying straps to store items. They also wear cargo style long pants, usually coupled with knee guards.


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