Survivor Sense is a gameplay feature introduced in Dying Light.


The Survivor Sense is a sonar-like ability that the player can use night and day to locate loot outside of sources or inside boxes, laundry baskets, car trunks, vans and cabinets. At night on the other hand It can serve another purpose, the survivor sense can be used to locate Volatiles through walls so the player can avoid the deadly infected.

This is also used to locate enemies other than Biters (such as Rais' gang membersViralsToads etcetera). 

Using this to find out the actual locations of enemies will cause the sonar-like-wave of the Sense to make enemies emit a "blip" effect followed by an orange skeletal representation of the enemy/enemies discovered (which can be seen through walls, objects, vehicles and in almost pitch-black environments. This will last for a few seconds before the enemy/enemies disappear and are only seen on the map again. 

This can be used as many times as the player wants to, but on higher difficulties the amount of time that enemies are shown in orange is reduced, meaning on higher difficulties players are likely to "spam" the assigned button/key for Survivor Sense. 

Hard Mode

In Hard Mode the ability to help locate loot is removed and its only purpose during the day is to find weapons dropped from enemies. Its only true remaining purpose is to help finding Volatiles during the night hours.


  • Using Survivor sense is vital during the daytime as it is important to loot before the Volatiles arrive.
  • Using the Survivor sense at night is even more important because of the Volatiles at night, use it when you're not sure where the beast is.


  • The survivor sense can be likened to the detective mode from the Batman: Arkham games in its ability to take a quick look at your surroundings to find items and enemies.
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