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"The building was sealed by military forces when they began their retreat, when the infection started to run rampart across the town. Consequently, everyone inside was trapped when their neighbors succumbed to the infection and changed. Groups developped, trying to barricade themselves from the threat, fighting to live another day, but they were all doomed from the start."
—Loading screen
"Sunny Apartments" is a quarantine zone challenge available in Dying Light located in the Slums. It is a small apartm
Sunny Apartments

The Sunny Apartments.

ent block which is infested with walkers. The building is filled with smoke, due to a failure in the central heating system, and this smoke will slowly begin to suffocate Crane when he enters it. The smoke also will slowly linger into other rooms upon entering the zone. The player can avoid taking damage from the smoke by crouching. The building contains no DROP packages, but does contain a number of GRE crates, which can be lockpicked.


  • Of all apartments blocks in Harran, this is most likely the least highest of them all, with only a ground floor and two upper floors.
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