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Stories From The Dying City is a comic included in the Dying Light 2 Stay Human Deluxe and Ultimate editions. It is primarily set just before the events of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


  • Daud, the protagonist of the story who has his origins in Harran's Old Town.
  • Berg, a mentor of the protagonist and former Global Relief Effort doctor, who has adopted several children to teach them how to survive.
  • Harry, a young boy and fellow survivor adopted by Berg.
  • Aisha, the secondary protagonist and a crush of Daud, who, much like him, came from Harran but from the Slums instead.
  • Bearshirt, leader of the Berserkers gang and a minor antagonist.
  • The Duke, a former GRE operative in charge of some refugee camps from Harran, leader of the Rooks gang and another minor antagonist.
  • The Night Hunter, serving as one of the antagonists of the comic.


Dying Light: Chapter One

The comic is set in an unnamed city years after the original outbreak of the Harran Virus. Daud went out scavenging for supplies, but after a somewhat meager haul only got back with a loose amount of loot. His mentor, Berg, produces bullets for the survivor gangs to leave him and the children under his care alone. After Daud's haul, it becomes clear that he and Aisha have plans to escape their current residence and get to Villedor where cure research was going on at the time.

To get to the city, they made a deal with their contact the "Eagle", who required "Gold" in the form of unique playing cards, for which Daud goes to the Harran Airport, which is surrounded by flames caused by jet fuel igniting. Unfortunately, Daud has a smoke alarm in his backpack with bullets which goes off, alerting the infected.

Dying Light: Chapter Two

Daud tries fighting off the biters and virals with his machete at first, but decides to eventually toss his backpack with bullets to the ground. The heat causes the bullets to get set off, killing and distracting the nearby infected. Daud acquires the playing cards and heads back, only to find the leader of the Berserkers at Berg's house, armed and upset that they were not provided their bullets they loot the place, taking Daud's playing cards with them among other things. Daud decides to chase after them, as opposed to looking how Aisha is doing at the airport after Harry tricked Daud by planting the smoke detector.

Dying Light: Chapter Three

Daud chases the Berserkers, and while their buggies are stalled due to a road block, draws bombers towards them in an ambush. He kills Hoder, the Berserker who stole the playing cards, but is spotted by Bearshirt. More bombers appear on sight and explode, causing Daud to give up his attempt to retrieve the cards. Harry shows up and brings Daud to safety.

Harry overheard Berg speak to the Duke over a radio and mentions how the children are donated to his ranks when they turn eightteen. Aisha has been taken there, so Harry and Daud head over to the Palace where the Rooks recide to get her back.

Dying Light: Chapter Four

Harry and Daud's atempt to infiltrate the Palace were not a great success, as they were captured by the guards. They were reunited with Aisha, however, and introduced to the Duke. The Duke tasks Aisha with gathering supplies from an abandoned GRE refugee camp for the Palace as part of her "rebirth", an initiation process. Daud, however, persuades the Duke to let him and Harry go in her stead. At the camp, Daud and Harry find a Chinook helicopter and some trailers, one of which has become a Volatile Nest. They take the trailer back to the Palace and unleash the Volatiles and screamers inside on the Rooks.

Dying Light: Chapter Five

Chapter five starts with Daud, Harry, and Aisha running into a zombified Hoder who Daud kills to retrieve the playing cards. The three then head to the "Aerie", which is a former water tower where the "Eagle" resides. Along the way, a Night Hunter appears, attracted by the gunfire of the Rooks, and starts chasing Daud and his companions. The three manage to get to the Eagle safely, but during their conversation the Night Hunter bursts through the roof of the tower and kills the Eagle.

The Duke has ordered his rooks to plant demolition charges around the water tower and demands the Eagle to return Daud and his companions, unaware that Eagle has been killed. Bearshirt sneaks up on the Rooks, however, and kills one of them, obtaining a detonator and setting off the charges. The three manage to escape using a glider which the Eagle kept in his Aerie, and use it to glide to the GRE refugee camp and get the Chinook, which Daud uses to take the children from Berg's house and take them to Villedor. While saying goodbye to Berg, the Night Hunter shows up again and grabs him, in response of which Berg detonates a hand grenade. Daud and the others fly away with the Chinook, headed for Villedor, which concludes the comic.


  • Writer: Fred van Lente
  • Artist: Adam Markiewicz
  • Colors: Jorge Sutil
  • Letters: Taylor Esposito
  • Marketing Creative Director: Lukasz Janas
  • Marketing Project Manager: Anna Makosa
  • Editor: Joe Rybandt
  • Collection Designer: Alexis Persson
  • CEO/Producer: Nick Barrucci
  • President/COO: Juan Colado
  • V.P. of IT and Operations: Brandon Dante Primavera
  • V.P. Associate Publisher: Jim "Ski" Sokolowski
  • Executive Editor: Joe Rybant
  • Senior Editor: Matt Idelson
  • Creative Editor: Alexis Persson
  • Digital Multimedia Associate: Rachel Kilbury
  • Graphic Designer: Katie Hidalgo
  • Graphic Designer: Nick Pentz
  • V.P. of Sales and Marketing: Alan Payne
  • Director of Direct Market Sales: Vince Letterio
  • Director of Sales and Branding: Rex Wang
  • Marketing Coordinator: Vincent Faust
  • V.P. of Product Development: Jim Kuhoric
  • Director of Project Development: Jay Spence
  • Director of Research & Development: Mariano Nicieza


  • The Duke mentions having known Kyle Crane a long time ago, and was one of the people involved in sending him to Harran.