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Stasis Field Projector is a piece of equipment and is a grenade-like weapon that appears in Dying Light.

The stasis field projector, when thrown, launches targets up in the air for a split second, before pausing them midair. They will stay hovered in midair for about 3 seconds, before violently being thrown to the ground. The stasis field projector correctly works on Biters, Virals, and Night Walkers.

Finding the Stasis Field Projector

The side quest "Rupert the Gunsmith" must be started/completed, which is given by Fidan in the Harran University safehouse (Old Town).

It is obtained by repeatedly activating the pink Teddy bear in the kindergarten in Old Town (north east side of map) until it explodes.

It can also be found during the main quest "The Clinic". When Dr. Camden opens the door to the offices, the first room on the left has a desk to the right which the blueprint can be found wedged between the desk and wall.


  • Does not suspend but still freezes the following zombies in place: Demolishers, Goons, Volatiles, and Toads.
  • When crafted with max survivor rank, you can make 5 at a time.
  • The stasis field projector is noted as a "Developer Weapon" in the blueprint tab
  • The stasis field projector cannot be used in Nightmare Mode
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