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¨The Spitter’s ranged attacks are in actually desperate attempts to cough out the acid in its guts. This corrosive substance constantly pours out of what is left of its mouth.¨

Spitter is a new-type of monster in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Spitter are monster that has ability somewhat similar to Toad from Dying Light, that is ability to fire yellow acidic phlegm that deal damage to the player character, with the additional ability to spray the area in front of them with said phlegm if Aiden comes close. However, they're easy to deal with if you use a ranged attack against the Spitter or if you quickly attack it while sneaking up on it, due to their range of health being similar to a biter.

The Spitter appears to have suffered numerous damage to its upper body as a result of their mutation. Their mutation has cause an enhanced production of stomach acid to the point where it has rotted it face and chest to appear melted and burned with the lower jaw missing. Unlike Toads however, who had a tumor-like sac, the Spitter chest has ripped open with a constant stream of bile flow out of the broken cavity.

The standard version of the spitter looks terribly burned and has a gaping hole starting from its throat to its chest that constantly leaks acid. It wears tattered cargo pants with heavy boots. The higher level version is even worse off. It's head now splits open too, and it has exposed ribs on both its front and its back, indicating that it has been alive for some time, the acid is becoming even more corrosive, or both. There is exposed tissue, blood vessels, glands all visible to the naked eye in the head/neck region. The corrosive burns are so severe that the spine is visible too. This variant's clothes have degraded to little more than shorts and a single boot.

Spitters are noticed by their constant gurgled groans and retching. They are seen clutching their chest trying to hold in their bile.

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