Spike is a character featured in Dying Light.


Early life

During an encounter with Haluk, a former hotelier and survivor at the Tower, he reveals that Spike is 49 years old and worked as a professor at the University of Southern California. He went on sabbatical leave following an "incident" with a young co-ed, which her parents claimed was an affair; accusations Spike denies. Haluk also reveals his real name to be Rudolph.

Events of Dying Light

He is the leader of a group of survivors tasked with protecting the mobile laboratory and research of Dr Imran Zere, a scientist searching for a potential cure to the virus. They have secured themselves within the courtyard immediately south of the Tower. He is also responsible for setting up traps and safe zones within the slums.

During the main story quest First Assignment, Kyle Crane is sent to assist Spike in arming a series of traps along a route which Harris Brecken and a group of runners will follow while returning with an airdrop. However, Crane is interrupted when the Tower loses contact with one of its runners and he is sent to investigate, securing a safe zone in the process. Spike then contacts Kyle and asks him to arm some UV light traps near the warehouses, but this causes the district to lose power. Spike directs Crane to a nearby power substation where he is able to reboot the power. As night is falling, Spike urges Crane to return to safety.

When Kyle next speaks to Spike, he will thank him for his help and reward him with a UV Flashlight as well as a remote which can activate the light traps he has set up. From this point on, he offers his services as a quartermaster.

After Crane and Jade Aldemir investigate the bandit activity at Harran Public School, Spike radios him to inform Kyle he has temporarily relocated to the Ferry Harbor, where he is working alongside Morgan. However, during the quest The Pit, the courtyard is attacked by Kadir "Rais" Suleiman and his gang; Dr Zere is kidnapped and many of the guards are killed. Spike remains with the Ferry Harbor until Crane travels to Old Town.

Following Kyle's departure from the slums in The Saviors, Spike eventually follows him and seeks refuge with the survivors residing within Harran University. After reaching Old Town if you fast travel back to the tower you can find Spike also there as a quartermaster. He is located near the workshop



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