Spare Glasses
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Quest Source Request Board in The Tower
Quest Type Side Quest
Difficulty Easy
Objectives *Talk to Khaliq
*Get to Khaliq's house
*Enter through the roof
*Get the pair of spare glasses
*Get the gardening book
*Bring the glasses and book back to Khaliq
Reward $1000
3,500 Survivor XP
Previous First Assignment
Next N/A

"Spare Glasses" is an easy side-quest in Dying Light.


Upon taking a look at the Request Board at the bottom floor of the tower, you'll see a request to retrieve a pair of glasses for a survivor named Khaliq. After talking to him he'll also ask that you get a gardening book at his house so that they could grow some of their own food.


Big reward for a brave runner! I have several important items that I must retrieve from my apartment at Ivy Road. I will pay well. Come talk to me for more information. Khaliq

  • Talk to Khaliq
  • Find glasses
  • Find the gardening book for Khaliq
  • Bring Khaliq his glasses and gardening book


Once you have accepted the request, and then talked to Khaliq head out out the Tower and head towards his house. To enter the building you must enter through a hole in the roof to get to the balcony, which has a red door you can open.


The glasses are located on the second floor of the building, one flight of stairs down from where you entered. It can be found in a bag next to the drawers with the diploma. The gardening book can be found on the bottom floor among many other books. It is the only book still in the bookcase and the only one that has unique cover making it easy to spot. A zombie statue can also be found along with the book.

There is a locked door which can be unlocked from the inside on the bottom floor giving you an easy way out. Head back to the Tower and hand over the glasses and book for your reward.


  • The three books on the table are: Simple Tricks To Get The Chicks, Big Book of Death Metal, and DVD Player User Manual. On the couch is the book Wet-Dream- The First Romance Novel for Plumbers. On the workbench is the book The Felafel Diet. The other two books that are found next to the gardening book are: Big Butt Bonanza and Do It Yourself- A Horse Mask. The remaining books are 1001 banana recipes, and How to look good over 40.
  • The title of the gardening book is Seed to Feed, A Couch Potato's guide to Vegetable Gardening.
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