Sledgehammers are a type of blunt melee weapon featured in Dying Light.

With great damage, these weapons can be used efficiently against large groups of enemies especially when combined and timed precisely with the Whirlwind ability. Despite this, these can be also very difficult to use effeciently against enemies such as Demolishers and Volatiles due to its handling.


There are 13 variants of Sledgehammer in the base game:

Heavy Blacksmith Sledgehammer
  • Remarkable Blacksmith Sledgehammer
Heavy Bulawa
  • Emperor's Glow
  • Superior Bulawa
Heavy Flat-End Sledgehammer
  • Exceptional Flat-End Sledgehammer
Heavy Stamping Sledgehammer
  • Premium Heavy Stamping Sledgehammer
Heavy Wrecking Sledgehammer
  • Ferocious Sledgehammer
  • Rune Hammer
  • Superior Wrecking Sledgehammer

The Following adds 12 new Sledgehammers:

Heavy Flat-End Sledgehammer
  • Fabulous Flat-End Sledgehammer (×2)
  • Legendary Flat-End Sledgehammer (×3)
Heavy Stamping Sledgehammer
  • Extravagant Stamping Sledgehammer
  • Fabulous Stamping Sledgehammer (×2)
  • Legendary Stamping Sledgehammer
Heavy Wrecking Sledgehammer
  • Countryside Hammer
  • Extravagant Wrecking Hammer (×2)
  • Fabulous Wrecking Hammer
  • Garden Hammer
  • Solid Hammer
  • Stomping Hammer
  • Trample Hammer


  • In real life, Sledgehammers are a heavier type of hammer that can apply more force. They are recognizable for its appearance of a large, flat, metal head, attached to a lever or handle.
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