The Six-Shooter is a firearm in Dying Light introduced in The Following. It can be purchased from shops, found in loot caches and rarely, in the trunks of police sedans and vans.

The default variant can be found in a chest inside a cave near the lighthouse, in the sub-section "Sea From Way High Up" for the side quest "The Thrill of the Chase".


Exclusive in The Following expansion pack, it is initially a rare find and can be most likely found being sold in shops.

Comparing to the Ranger, The Six-Shooter has a lower firepower and value, and higher rate of fire while both's accuracy remains the same. Comparing to the Quickshooter, the Six-Shooter has a higher firepower and lower rate of fire while accuracy remains the same for the two.


There is only one variant of the Six-Shooter available in The Following.

  • Rusted Six-Shooter

Weapon Stats

Statistics Description
Firepower 286
Accuracy 95
Rate of Fire 30
Value $10320


  • The Six-Shooter appears to be resembling a Remington Model 1890. This is a possible reference to Techland’s Call of Juarez having a similar revolver called the 1889 Classic Six-Shooter.
  • Like the Ranger and the Quick Shooter, the Six-Shooter oddly appears to share ammunition with the Pistol Ammo, which is .45 FMJ rounds.


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