Sickles are a type of sharp melee weapon featured in Dying Light.

Generally, they are effective for slashing against your enemies. With high damage and handling, they deal enough even against challenging opponents and can be still useful when upgrading them.


There are 9 variants of Sickle in the base game:


Farmer's Sickle
  • Cruel Sickle
  • Dark Sickle
Flamingo Sickle
  • Wicked Sickle
Garden Sickle N/A
Ottoman Sickle
  • Vicious Sickle
Simple Sickle

The Following adds nine new Sickles:


Farmer's Sickle
  • Brutal Sickle
  • Countryside Sickle
  • Crop Sickle
  • Fabulous Farmer's Sickle
  • Plower Sickle
  • Sturdy Sickle
Garden Sickle
  • Legendary Garden Sickle
Ottoman Sickle
  • Extravagant Ottoman Sickle (×2)
  • Legendary Ottoman Sickle


  • In real life, Sickles serve as agricultural tools used for either harvesting crops or cutting succulent forage for feeding livestock.
  • Harun has a tattoo of a sickle on his chest.
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