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Shovels are a type of blunt melee weapon featured in Dying Light.

General shovels are two-handed weapons, with low damage and handling. The Military Shovel, as a one-handed weapon, contains a faster speed while lacking in worthy damage.


There are three variants of Shovel in the base game:

Military Shovel N/A
Shovel N/A
Undertaker Shovel N/A

The Following adds two new Shovels:

Military Shovel
  • Extravagant Military Shovel
  • Fabulous Military Shovel
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  • In real life, Shovels are used for digging, lifting, and moving materials such as coal, sand, snow.
    • Entrenching Tools (known as the Military Shovel in-game) are collapsible shovels used by militia forces for a variety of military purposes.
    • Spades (known as the Shovel in-game) are shovels used for digging/removing earth and fixing soil.
  • Despite their names, the Shovel and Undertaker Shovels models are actually supposed to be vice-versa. The Shovel in-game, as mentioned earlier, is a Spade, while the Undertaker Shovel is a normal shovel.