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Salim is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

Salim is a survivor found in the slums. He had previously worked as a toolmaker, and barricaded himself within his workshop during the outbreak.

He later retrieved an airdrop containing Antizin, and as a result was approached by a young woman, Aida, seeking the medicine for herself and her young daughter, Yasmina. Salim offered the medicine if, in return, the two would remain with him as his "little puppets". A terrified Aida ordered her daughter to run and clubbed Salim over the head. While Yasmina succesfully escaped and returned to the Fishermen's Village, Aida was captured and imprisoned by Salim in his basement.

After speaking with Aida's sister, Meliha, and Yasmina in the village, Kyle Crane is able to track down Aida's son, Jamil, who directs him to Salim's Workshop. When Crane confronts Salim, he warns him off and later sets off an alarm to attract numerous virals. After Crane fends off the infected, Salim rushes out to confront him and is killed in the ensuing fight.

Crane locates a trap-door within Salim's Workshop, leading to a locked room in his basement. After finding a key on Salim's body, Crane is able to free Aida and encourages her to go with her children to the Tower.



  • Large amounts of bloodstains within his basement dungeon suggest Salim may have had other victims.
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