Rupert is a character in Dying Light.


Early life

He was a resident of the Old Town district of Harran and the husband of Jasmine, owner and operator of the Magic Fortress daycare. He worked as a gunsmith and operated a workshop on Mercantile Street. When the outbreak occurred, he sought shelter with his wife at her daycare and was forced into caring for the children orphaned while in her care. His wife was eventually bitten and asked to be locked in the basement so as not to harm her husband or the children. Left alone, Rupert adopted the persona of a wizard in an effort to explain the outbreak as a dark spell cast upon the city to the children.

Events of Dying Light

During the side-quest Rupert the Gunsmith, Kyle Crane travels to the Magic Fortress daycare in search of Rupert and finds him struggling with the burden of caring for half a dozen orphans. One of the children, Alya Bozkurt, is diabetic and suffering without her medication, so Rupert asks Kyle to search nearby pharmacies for Insulin as part of the side-quest Health Potion. When Crane returns with the prescription, Rupert asks Kyle to watch over the children while he applies the medication.

Crane is asked by the young Kadim to retrieve his blocks from the basement stairwell in the side-quest Blocks for the Boy. While near the basement, Crane overhears the sounds of infected and goes up to confront Rupert. He admits that his wife became infected and was locked in the basement so as to not pose a threat. He asks Crane to put her out of her misery. Afterwards, Crane contacts Troy with the Embers and arranges for the children to receive assistance. However, Crane learns of a Demolisher outside in the parking lot and must kill it during the side-quest Troll.

Rupert contacts Crane from his workshop and offers a reward for all his assistance, in the form a rifle and two handguns.


Rupert's character is partially based upon a character created by video game streamer BritbongReturns aptly named "the grand wizard" that was featured in his Second Life  trolling videos. Troll is also the name of a sidequest given by one of the children in The Magic Fortress.


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