The Runners are a group of survivors that appear in Dying Light. Living inside The Tower within the city of Harran, they are a faction that use the movement of freerunning to travel and survive inside the city against enemies and for scavenging.

They are commonly wearing long and short-sleeve shirts/t-shirts, and wearing parkour boots and running shoes.


The Runners are a faction residing within The Tower, a large residential apartment building overlooking the city. They serve as an allied side within the game's story, saving Kyle and giving him a place to stay as long as he serves under their wing.

The faction is notably at odds with Rais's Men. An interesting note is, while the bandits typically favour brute strength and firepower in order to survive inside the city, the Runners rely more on freerunning and speed to survive which reflects the 'agility' skill tree. However, members of both sides have also been seen to possess mixed abilities.

Runners are known to be agile, versatile and very athletic. Meeting their obligations frequented outside the safety of The Tower and throughout Harran, with evasion and little confrontation with the burgeoning infected.


  • Brecken (Parkour Instructor, and Leader)
  • Jade (Champion Kick-Boxer, and Runner)
  • Kyle Crane (Undercover GRE Agent, and Runner)
  • Amir (Undercover GRE Agent, and Runner)
  • Rahim (Jade's younger brother, and Instructor)
  • Spike (Weapons Expert, Quartermaster, and Runner)
  • Buckshot (Tower Guard)
  • Timur (Lead Tower Guard, and runner)
  • Omar (Rahim’s friend, and runner)
  • Ayo (Radio Communication Tower guard, and runner)


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