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Roy Robinson is a minor character in Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties.


Aiden meets him at the bapistry in Old Villedor, Roy asks for the password but Aiden does not know it and he is not let in.

Aiden returns later with the password, Roy and Tatsuo mention that they had never seen him before but Ciro interrupts and has a quick back and forth with Roy.

Aiden meets Roy again in Carnage Hall when he´s looking for Ciro in the dungeon, Roy pleads for Aiden to free him and if Aiden does so Roy will apear again in the final fight along other prisoners to help Aiden fight the 3 gladiator tanks. Roy can be killed in this fight, whether or not he is killed he and the other prisoners disappear when Skullface comes out to fight Aiden.

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  • When Aiden is trying to give the password, he can say 4 things, 3 of which are references to other games.
  • ¨Would you kindly¨ is a reference to Bioshock.
  • ¨The cake is a lie¨ is a reference to Portal, in which Roy replies with ¨I think you mistaken the portal, pal¨
  • ¨Ken sent me¨ is a reference to Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.