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Right Hand of gloVA is a throwing weapon that appears in Dying Light.


  • When thrown, it bounces around unpredictably. Only damages hostiles and does not harm user or friendlies. Viable in close quarters.
  • Deals electrical damage.
  • The weapon is found by locating two well hidden, inconspicuous black stones in Old Town, and placing these stones into the eye sockets of a skull. Upon doing this, a form of magic appears to occur, and the blueprints to craft the Right hand of gloVA will appear. This may be another reference to Dead Island, in which 6 colored skulls can be found and aligned on the map to form a Pentagram, for which the reward is Developer Crafts, one of these crafts being the Left hand of gloVA.
  • Is invisible when dropped, but still makes its very distinct bouncing noise when it is dropped.
  • To get to the skull you must be on the side mission called "The Shadow of the king". You get this quest after completing "Do You Believe?" side mission. Talk to Mufid at the University to get this quest.
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