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The Revenant is a monster in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. This is a boss monster that is only found in certain areas, and has the ability to revive and boost infected in their zones.


The Revenant is a highly toxic infected created from regular Monsters during the Black Monday bombings. Resembling a character from one’s worst nightmares, Revenant's are easy to distinguish from other Infected. They are unwieldy and slow, and move hesitantly, as their thin legs can’t really support their bulk. Its attempts to maintain balance are made all the more difficult by the growth on their backs which resemble petrified wings. Their special mutations can buff surrounding monsters by creating a zone of toxic mist.


The Revenant's tentacles give them the ability to boost and revive other infected, making it one of the most dangerous monsters in Dying Light. They often serve as bosses.


  • Using a high damage one-handed weapon can deal massive damage to them.