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For the quest, see Renegades (Quest).

The Renegades are a Faction featured in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


"Joe was talking about the Renegades - remnants of the old Army, stationed on the dam across town. Lately, they've been spotted at the Bazaar.
- Carl to Aiden in response to Jack and Joe's request for backup after losing control of the Bazaar."

The Renegades are one of the three main Factions in Villedor. They are a collective group of ex-soldiers and bandits that aim to control the city and its resources, eliminating encountered opposition in the process. This includes the Survivors and Peacekeepers, two groups that the Renegades constantly target.

As the city fell to ruin during the Black Monday bombings, the regionally stationed Army detachment--under the command of the Colonel--slowly lost hold on its own command structure and fell apart. After Jack Matt declared himself leader of his own independent force, an immediate power struggle arose between the newly founded Peacekeepers and what was left of the Army that remained loyal to Chris Williams. This event soon resulted in a civil war, dividing the city's populous and resulting in many deaths on both sides. After suffering several operational setbacks, the Renegades relegated themselves to the Southeastern stretches of the city, later inhabiting the Water Pumping Station.

The Renegades are mainly focused in Newfound Lost Lands. The Faction cannot be granted territorial expansion through any means, although at points in the story they can control Muddy Grounds, Lower Dam Ayre, and Saint Paul Island.

The aforementioned Water Pumping Station serves as the Renegades main center of activity in the Central Loop. While Renegades can be found in Old Villedor, they maintain no territory in the area apart from a few Dark Hollows that serve as covert bases. Smaller establishments include Garrison Heights and Heron Renegados.

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Renegade Highway

The highway leading to the Water Pumping Station is littered with Renegade structures. Note the banner insignia.

Unlike the Peacekeepers and Survivors, the Renegades are not considerable craftsmen or builders. Most infrastructure used by the Faction is taken from abandoned housing remaining in the city - often using converted gyms as outposts. The most prominent example is the Pumping Station (the Renegades main base of operations), which remained almost entirely intact following The Fall and Black Monday bombings. Nevertheless, points of interest under Renegade control can be distinguished through the use of wooden pikes and red banners, often labeled with insignia.

There are two subgroups of Renegades, one being those under the command of Chris Williams and the other under the command of Vincent Waltz. Originally, Waltz was Williams' right-hand man, but eventually left with the Renegades he experimented on, with the means of enhancing them with inhibitors. Williams' Renegades are not seen outside of the Water Pumping Station except in church in the lower Dam Ayre and unknown number of renegade hideouts, while Waltz's Renegades are seen virtually everywhere in Villedor.

In appearance, Waltz's renegades wear ballistic masks usually painted with black, white and sometimes red stripes, often with numbers or embedded metal 'teeth'. Standard Renegades usually wear jeans, cutoff leather jackets and patches reinforced with tire rubber, fabric wrist guards, customised metal plate armour with spikes, and red leather strips as reinforcement. Better equipped Renegades loyal to Waltz will often have brown trench coats and cargo pants reinforced with red leather patches or tire rubber as well as chainmail or metallic armour, complimented by pieces of military armour taken from dead Peacekeepers or Military Soldiers. The Colonel's renegades wear black or golden ballistic masks, and favor headscarves, bandannas, goggles,Rarely Military helmet and armor more handcrafted armor and generally a larger and more colorful variety of clothes, sometimes taken from dead Peacekeepers.

As in their namesake, the Renegades are essentially undisciplined bandits. Although many are ex-soldiers, Renegades are not well coordinated or organized in combat. Instead, it is very common for Renegades to lose control of themselves and enter a rabid, maniacal rage when fighting. Their sheer anger is worsened through unpredictability, meaning Renegades often function on a behavioral level similar to that of Virals. After years of experimentation, survival, and desperation, most Renegades are greatly unintelligent and lack basic comradery or communication. Regardless of this, Renegades are still significant obstacles when met head-on. This is made worse through their hostile reaction to the player or any kind of NPC, both of which are attacked immediately if spotted. Whether it may be the infected or Survivors, the Renegades are indiscriminate when it comes to assaulting their opponents.


"They used to be normal soldiers, at least most of them. Now they’re more like living virals. They’re mad. They kill everyone in their path. '
- Lawan in regards to the past and

present behavior of Renegades."

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"Standard Renegades. Hell knows how many inhibitors these guys have taken. These fools will pick a fight with anybody - LITERALLY anybody - no matter how outnumbered or underequipped they are.
Unknown player"

Standard Renegades are reckless members of the group tasked with supply runs, Peacekeeper ambushes, or grunt work. They often aspire to improve their status in the group by capturing Peacekeepers or survivors for violent entertainment. Better equipped members often police smaller Renegade detachments.

Strategic Data

  • Standard Renegades armed with 1-handed Melee Weapons.
  • These units will come armed with almost any kind of 1-handed weapon, although clubs, swords, machetes, and axes are favored.
  • They will also use Throwing Knives at out of reach targets like the player, and can launch headbutts on normal difficulty at rare occasions.
  • Their greatest asset is their aggressive tactics and lack of self-preservation - they will continue to attack no matter what happens.
  • They prefer thrusting and slashing attacks to using blunt force.

"Renegades who aren't like Virals. Never thought I'd say that. You ever hear anyone say the phrase 'Death from a Thousand Cuts?' - I'm almost certain this is the motto of these assholes. They let the Infected or other Renegades do the rest, and deliver the finishing blow. Cunning bastards.
Unknown player"

Renegade Spearmen are less altered members of the group tasked with leading supply runs, assisting Waltz, or survivor interrogation. Spearmen often spend time off the battlefield improving their weapons or crafting replacement heads for their spears to conserve resources.

Strategic Data

  • Standard Renegades armed with Throwing Spears.
  • These units will come armed with Spears and favour ambush tactics, using swing attacks and jousts to damage the player.
  • Their Spear attacks do significant damage and they are quick to dodge out of range of melee attacks.
  • The Spearman's key weakness is that their spears prevent any type of blocking, allowing close-up opponents to simply use rapid blows to kill them.
  • Additionally, they lack any type of ranged attack like knives or bows, making them vulnerable to ranged attacks.

" These guys are not fun whatsoever. I once got involved in a fight with two of these guys, and had to kill 2 separate groups of reinforcements before I could kill them both. Machete these guys on sight if you're in a hurry.
Unknown player"

Renegade Summoners are promoted Regulars who use sirens. They are often the first to abandon combat if it goes badly for their group. Most have a low life expectancy because of how much players target them.

Strategic Data

  • Standard Renegades armed with sirens.
  • These units will come armed with sirens and call in reinforcements when attacked by enemies.
  • Their sirens are loud and attract enemies from a far distance.
  • Their weakness is that they have no ranged attack like knives, which leaves them vulnerable to a stealth takedown or ranged attack.

"These guys honestly remind me of Pre-Fall serial killers, who hunted and killed for the thrill and the kicks, rather than any practical purpose. One Peacekeeper described them to me as 'ghosts. You never see them coming until it's too damn late.' They never found that PK or his group again. Stay on your toes if you're entering Renegade territory, and watch the roofs. You might never feel it until it's too late.
Unknown player"

Archers are the most ruthless and discrete Renegades, who specialise in assassination and ambush jobs on Peacekeeper patrols. They are often the first to arrive at a skirmish, often holding competitions to see who can kill the most targets first.

Strategic Data

  • Renegade Archers use compound bows to eliminate targets too dangerous to approach.
  • These units will stick to the outskirts of a skirmish and use range to hold off enemies.
  • Closing the distance is critical to killing Archers, as they have no melee attack and panic if surprised at close range.

"In all my time in the city, I have never come across anyone as insane as these imbeciles. Can you imagine how many inhibitors you would have to take to swallow and spit burning liquid on people… and do it on a regular basis? I would just ship 'em to Carnage Hall. At least there they've got likeminded company.
Unknown player"

Spitters are some of the most reckless and dangerous Renegades in the City. Most were used as inhibitor test subjects by Waltz in exchange for promotions to higher postings, trading ranks for their bodies. They are almost incapable of remembering anything because of the inhibitors damaging their memory. Some get more tattoos done, or make spare molotovs for future fights in their spare time.

Strategic Data

  • Renegade Flamers use molotovs to severely burn any opponent within range.
  • Renegade Flamers can be recognised by their red-painted masks and metal 'teeth' decorated mouth holes, as well as occasionally wearing unarmoured leather aprons.
  • These units will stick to the outskirts of a skirmish and use other Renegades to distract opponents, while they spit burning liquor at opponents.
  • They will also throw molotovs at opponents who stay out of range of their spitting attacks.
  • Keeping your distance is critical to killing Flamers, as their attacks are both useless and easily dodged at long range.
  • They also are extremely fragile and possess no blocking abilities whatsoever.

"These are some of the toughest SOBs out there. Waltz must have jacked these assholes up, 'cause how are they so strong otherwise? Keep your distance - going head-to-head with guys that can swing weapons like those for days is never going to end well. Not to mention they're armoured to the damn nines.
Unknown player"

Renegade Heavies were often ex-heavy weapons users or conscripted bodybuilders in the army. Many are found scavenging for materials to improve their armour, scavenging dead Peacekeepers for weapons or tools, or working out to bear the weight of their armour over long periods. They do have serious superiority complexes, which can cause them to make poor tactical decisions.

Strategic Data

  • Renegade Heavies use overwhelming force to destroy opponents within range.
  • Renegade Heavies can be recognised by their greater size- they dwarf other units. Additionally, they wear armour make of either scrap metal or leather reinforced by tire rubber.
  • These units will charge into combat, using swing attacks, sprinting charges, and ground slams to subdue unwary opponents.
  • They will also kick at opponents who take advantage of their long cooldown times for their attacks.
  • They will also throw rocks at opponents who stay out of range.

"Surprised that these guys even had a command structure. They were soldiers, though, and they respect strength. These guys lead through example. 'Example' in this case meaning attack anything that moves, no matter how dangerous it is, or how much damage it does to them. I once lured a goon into one of these guys. The fight had me laughing so hard I nearly fell off a roof because of the sheer stupidity of it.
Unknown player"

Renegade Lieutenants were often ex-army officers or local leaders. Most have high ambitions to lead other groups through force. Most are either looking to find better radios or repair kits for their uniforms in their downtime, or planning future operations.

Strategic Data

  • Renegade Lieutenants use overwhelming force and quick moves to destroy opponents within range.
  • Renegade Lieutenants can be recognised by their greater size and use of 1-Handed Weapons.
  • These units are only found in encounters and typically lead a squad of 4 other varying Renegade units.
  • They are much more aggressive than other Renegades and they have much more health and armour than other Renegades, making them incredibly dangerous at close range.
  • however, they have no ranged attacks and will not follow if distracted by infected or other enemies.


Standard Renegades form the majority of the Faction's fighting force. They can appear in a variety of physical forms but will generally feature black jackets or hooded trench coats. This is assumed with their iconic face masks, boots, leg padding, and assorted types of chest armor, ranging from chain-mail plating to rubber stripped from tires. These units will come armed with almost any kind of weapon, although clubs, swords, machetes, and axes are favored. Standard Renegades can also throw throwing knives at the enemy (namely the player) when at long distances or simply out of reach.

Renegade Spearman

A Renegade Spearman.

Renegade Spearman[]

Like the PK-Spearman, the Renegade Spearman functions as a slightly different Renegade that is armed with a spear. The unit is capable of a wide-area swing and sprinting charge, both highly lethal to other AI and the player. On the other hand, Renegade Spearmen cannot block attacks and consequently suffer from a very poor defense.

Renegade Summoner

A Renegade Summoner using his siren.

Renegade Summoner[]

Physically identical to the standard Renegade, Renegade Summoners are special units that carry a handheld crank-siren used to call on nearby Renegades for reinforcements. When doing so, they are marked for the player to be easily identified. They are restricted to their own Faction and no similar examples can be found among other enemies, with the possible exception of the Howler. Summoners are always present in Renegade encounters and function in the same fashion to their standard counterparts when not utilizing their siren.
Renegade Archer

A Renegade Archer with his bow drawn.

Renegade Archer[]

Unique to their Faction, the Renegade Archer comes equipped with a bow and arrow. They physically appear the exact same to other Renegades and are found on the outskirts of engagements, taking advantage of the range on their bow's to snipe at enemies from afar. Archers will typically seek a vantage point as to maintain a constant view of the battlefield and to have a clear line-of-sight with their opponents. This also provides them with a greater distance between their location and their target, avoiding any close-range confrontations. When this distance is closed, however, the Archer cannot defend themselves properly due to the lack of an actual melee weapon.

Renegade Flamer

A Renegade Flamer uses his main attack.

Renegade Flamer[]

Also unique to the Renegades, Flamers are rare units that manipulate fire through a makeshift flamethrower system. After consuming ethanol-rich liquor, Flamers will spit the liquid out from their mouths whilst igniting it with a small flame. As a result, a large and potent flame will shoot out several feet, dealing damage and setting those caught in it on fire. The Flamer will also toss Molotov cocktails towards enemies at longer ranges, posing a serious threat to large groups of opposing AI or the player. Flamers are easily noticeable by the lit Molotov's they carry with themselves.

Renegade Heavy, LT and standard

From left to right: A Renegade Lieutenant, Renegade Heavy and standard Renegade. Note the difference in size between all three units.

Renegade Heavy and LT

A Renegade Heavy (left) and Renegade Lieutenant (right).

Renegade Heavy[]

Renegade Heavies are nearly identical to PK Lawkeepers in size and function. Renegade Heavies are equipped with 2-handed weapons (either Disc Brake Greataxes or Engine Bludgeon Maces) and are much larger than standard Renegades, dwarfing regular-sized units. Aside from their height, they appear largely similar to standard Renegades, albeit with a slight increase in armor plating consisting of either metal or thick leather and rubber. They are capable of a wide-area swing attack, a ground slam, a sprinting charge, and a kick attack, all of which can prove deadly in the right situations. They can also throw rock at out of reach opponents.

Renegade Lieutenant[]

Renegade Lieutenants are found in Renegade encounters and typically lead a squad of 4 other varying Renegade units. Physically, they are larger than standard Renegades but smaller than Renegade Heavies. Renegade Lieutenants are often more aggressive than their standard counterparts and also benefit from a large amount of health points, making them incredibly dangerous to engage with at high levels. They come armed with swords and machetes but lack any sort of ranged offense.

Renegade Officer[]

Renegade Officers act as mini-bosses in Bandit Camps and Renegade-controlled metro stations. They can differ in appearance and appear as Renegade Heavies, except for the Officer in Garrison Heights, who is an archer.

Known Members[]

  • Chris Williams (Leader) (Determinate, Suicide)
  • Waltz (Leader) (Deceased)
  • Elias (Killed by Aiden Caldwell in Culvert Island in "Renegades" Side quest)
  • Tahir (Killed by Aiden Caldwell in the Metro tunnels)
  • Night Crow (Renegade Officer in charge of the Garrison Electrical Station) (Deceased)
  • 'Grill' (Killed by Aiden Caldwell at the Downtown Electrical Station; Unique Officer wearing a grilled motorcycle helmet) (Acts like a Lieutenant)
  • 'Spikes' (Officer killed on Garrison Overpass near GRE Anomaly C-A-55; Unique Officer with a spiked motorcross helmet and spiked forearm guards) (Heavy)
  • 'Skull' (Killed at the Garrison Boulevard Offices: Unique Officer with a skull headdress) (Lieutenant)
  • 'Knight' (Killed at X13; Unique Officer with red military armour and chain-mail motorcycle helmet) (Heavy)
  • Hakon (Coerced)
  • Jaime


Show: Pilgrim's Path

Informant: "Are you all right?"
Aiden: "Fucker bit me..."
Informant: "A volatile. Lots of those fuckers in the sewers. You must get into the light quickly."
Aiden: "Where's Mia?"
Informant: "Later. We have to move."
Aiden: "Ugh..."
Informant: "Resist it. It will pass."
Aiden: "Aaaaaaargh!"
Informant: "Just stay strong."
Renegade: "Here you are. We've been lookin' for you."
Renegade 2: "And what about this one?"
Renegade: "Seems dead to me. Didn't have it on him. Let's go."
(After waking up)
Renegade: "Tell us, for fuck's sake!"
Informant: "Really... I don't have the key. I destroyed it. I did this on my own."
Renegade 2: "Boss'll be able to get him to... open up."
Renegade: "Where is it?"
Informant: "Aaaarg. Eeegh."
Renegade: "Talk!"
Informant: "Aaaargh."
(When climbing through the vents)
Renegade: "Where did you hide it?!"
Renegade 2: "Keep an eye on him, Tahir. I'm gonna get the boss."
Informant: "No, no no... don't bring Waltz! Not him!"
Renegade: "Then tell us where the key is."
Informant: "It's gone! I told you!"
Renegade 2: "I'm coming back with the boss."
(During the combat tutorial)
Renegade: "You were supposed to be dead! Where did you hide our key, boy?!"
Aiden: "I don't know what you're talking about. Let him go!"
Renegade: "You gonna make us let him go, punk? I'd sure like to see you do that. Bring it!"
(After defeating the Renegades)
Informant: "Let's get the fuck out."
Waltz: "(Over radio) Tahir, can you hear me? Do you have my key?"
Informant: "It's Waltz. We have to run!"
Aiden: "But I'm looking for him!"
Informant: "You idiot. He'll kill you if he finds you."
Waltz: "Dylan!!!"
Informant: "Fuck... Get to the vent... Quick... This way. You first! (Shuts the vent)"
Aiden: "What are you doing?!"
Informant: "Waltz can't get the GRE key, remember!"
Aiden: "What? Let me out!"
Informant: "Fish Eye. Lawan. Go!"
Renegade: "There's the traitor!"
Renegade 2: "Hi, Dylan."
Informant: "Hey, fellas."
Waltz: "Let him go. Why did you betray me?"
Informant: "This key is not yours. You can't..."
Waltz: "Where is it?"
Informant: "In here. Ugh..."
Waltz: "This is the end. I'm sorry."
Informant: "Gettin' misty?"
Waltz: "Not really. You're only dying. Before Zero Hour, my grandfather raised horses. Beautiful, rare breeds. I loved them dearly. One day his most beloved horse fell off the slop and broke his leg. I thought Grandpa would help him. But he just pulled out his pistol... And put it in my hand. He told me: you're doing it for him. Then he pressed my finger on the trigger. I screamed. I wanted my grandfather to die. But years later, I realized. What must be done, must be done. You leave me no choice, my friend. (Kills Dylan)"
Aiden: "Argh..."
Waltz: "Someone's here... In the vent. Get him!"


Show: Deep Cover

Aiden: "Back from patrol. Can I get in?"
Guard: "Huh. Let's see your papers. Huh. You look familiar. Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"
Aiden: "Maybe... but I get that all the time."
Guard: "Yeah, you got that familiar kinda face. Welcome home."
Aiden: "Thanks, bro."

With the male Renegades on the ground floor:

Renegade: "Hey buddy, don't I know you from somewhere?"
Aiden: "Maybe. I been around."
Renegade 2: "Oh, I know, I know... you went up against the PK when they came creepin' around the Stronghold."
Aiden: "Maybe. Coulda been anyone. It's everyone's our duty to keep the PK outta our business, isn't it?"
Renegade: "Too right, my friend. Too right."
Aiden: "Fuck yeah, now excuse me... got me a lady in waiting, if you know what I mean."
Renegade: "Ooo... you dog! You dog!"
Renegade 2: "Don't let us keep ya, man."

With the Renegade Woman on the ground floor:

Aiden: "Have you milked the goats?"
Renegade Woman: "Goats? What the fuck are you talking about?"
Aiden: "Sorry. My mistake."

With the male Renegades up the stairs:

Aiden: "Uh, I don't have a lotta time, I--"
Renegade: "Just take a second... boxers or briefs?"
Aiden: "Freeball. All the way."
Renegade: "See? Told ya! Who wear skivvies these days?"
Renegade 2: "I'll admit it. You were right."
Aiden: "Glad I could help. I gotta--"
Renegade 2: "Hey wait a minute... aren't you--?"
Aiden: "--In a hurry, yeah. Catch u guys later."

With the Renegade Woman on the top floor:

Aiden: "Have you milked the goats?"
Renegade Woman: "Don't know about goats, handsome, but if you're looking--"
Aiden: "Yeah, never mind."


  • "I do NOT wanna get stuck here for the night with these assholes. He's got one minute and I'm outta here!" - Renegade Woman during "Deep Cover"
  • "Why're these Renegades so ugly? Geez! This ain't an outpost. More of a dog show, tell you that much." - Renegade Woman during "Deep Cover"


  • Many Renegades can be seen with clearly visible and swollen veins along their body, particularly the neck. This implicates that they were tested on by Vincent Waltz, siding with the Colonel over Jack Matt near the end of the game will confirm that the Renegades Aiden encounters with these swollen veins were tested on and are working for Waltz after a deal between Waltz and the Colonel to enhance the Colonel's Renegades went sour when Waltz instead convinced the altered Renegades to join him.
    • This also implies that the Colonel's faction don't act quite as manic or violent as Waltz' Renegades do.
  • When struck near the head and face, a Renegade's mask can actually come off.
  • The presence of Lieutenants and Officers indicate that the Renegades possess an actual rank structure.
  • Although certainly interesting, the Flamer's preferred method of offense would not function in real-life as it does in game.
  • Some of the Renegades were loyal solders of Jack Matt, but are not seen in-game.



Standoff between Lawan and Colonel Renegades