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For the quest, see Renegades (Quest).

The Renegades are a powerful but loosely organized bandit collective in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. A powerful group, the Renegades steal all they can and destroy anything or anyone else that gets in their way to hobble their enemies. Based out of the Water Pumping Station, the Renegades have been locked in a standoff with the Peacekeepers for years due to their control of the pump station.

Overview and Origin

The origin of the Renegades is uncertain at best due to the lack of reliable information. It is hinted that a number of them are ex-military that served under Colonel Chris Williams during The Fall, and when he defected, they joined him and the Renegades, along with a number of prisoners of unknown origin. The Renegades are vicious and callous survivalists, caring little for Peacekeepers, Survivors, or even random civilians, they use them as target practice, hunting, or even sport for their own amusement.

With the rising number of members that joined his group, but many exhausted and weak, Williams turned to Dr Waltz, who promised he could enhance them in exchange for their support in his operations. This worked, turning his bandit group into strong and vicious fighters, but also meant they lacked discipline and had extreme aggression problems.

However, Waltz soon betrays Williams and convinces a large portion of the Renegades whom he experimented on to join and support him.

The Renegades are now locked in conflict with the Peacekeepers, who seek to control the city for the greater good.

Armament, Weaponry, and Identification

The Renegades are vicious fighters that are extremely aggressive and hard to avoid, however the following has been compiled:

  • Renegades are easily identifiable by their ballistic masks.
  • Lower ranking members seem to wear thick leather jerkins and have red highlights on their clothing.
  • Higher ranking members seem to favour trench coats, red armour plates and chain-mail plating.
  • They are extremely aggressive enemies that often assault others in groups, attempting to run them down with numbers and ferocity.
  • However, many of them are drug addled criminals that are cruel and vicious to anyone they encounter.
  • They lack discipline, fighting without regard to others in their group and making chain attacks that can sometimes backfire.
  • They are shown to have a preference for bladed and spiked weaponry as opposed to the Peacekeepers who prefer blunt weaponry.
  • They are also the only faction with working vehicles, being shown to have a few operational vans which are used to transport troops.

There are at least 5 different types of soldiers logged. Since the Renegades are mostly Bandits, it's highly likely this is their entire group.

Standard Renegade:

Standard enemies armed with ballistic masks that can sustain a small amount of damage and are armed with a one-handed melee weapon (most often an axe or machete). By far the most common type of Renegade, they are aggressive, quick, and can easily catch unaware players off guard, typically using slashing or thrusting attacks rather than blunt force.

Renegade Spearmen:

Unique to the Renegades, this unit is similar visually to high-ranking Standards, however wields a spear and is significantly more cautious than other Renegades. Opportunistic and vicious, these are smarter units that will usually attempt to surprise Aiden with attacks from the side or behind, then retreat out of range, whittling them down from smaller wounds.

Renegade Archers:

Also unique to the Renegades, Archers use compound bows to eliminate targets too dangerous to approach. They're snipers and, they are lethal. Exercise extreme caution if Renegade archers have been sited in the area of operations. If surprised at close range, they'll panic and attempt to distance themselves.

Renegade Heavies:

Renegade Heavies are similar to Peacekeeper Guardians in terms of armor, carrying significant armor and being much tougher than most other renegades. They often wield a two-handed weapon such as an axe or sledgehammer. However, their attacks are easy to spot and are easy to dodge, leaving them open to retaliation.

Renegade Officers:

Extremely rare units that are in charge of detachments or Renegades and serve as gang leaders. They are often Heavies and use a piece of metal with a rebar handle, similar to Goons. They almost always make power attacks and have multiple swings to their attacks, making dodging more difficult. They are distinct and can easily be told apart by their custom face masks and rarely, jackets.

Known Members


Gang Leaders

  • Elias (Killed by Aiden Caldwell in Civilian Rescue: Standard)
  • Tahir (Killed by Aiden Caldwell in the Metro tunnels: Standard)
  • Unknown Officer (Killed at the Garrison Boulevard Offices: Unique Officer with a skull headdress)

Others (Affiliates)


Show: Deep Cover

Aiden: "Back from patrol. Can I get in?"
Guard: "Huh. Let's see your papers. Huh. You look familiar. Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"
Aiden: "Maybe... but I get that all the time."
Guard: "Yeah, you got that familiar kinda face. Welcome home."
Aiden: "Thanks, bro."

With the male Renegades on the ground floor:

Renegade: "Hey buddy, don't I know you from somewhere?"
Aiden: "Maybe. I been around."
Renegade 2: "Oh, I know, I know... you went up against the PK when they came creepin' around the Stronghold."
Aiden: "Maybe. Coulda been anyone. It's everyone's our duty to keep the PK outta our business, isn't it?"
Renegade: "Too right, my friend. Too right."
Aiden: "Fuck yeah, now excuse me... got me a lady in waiting, if you know what I mean."
Renegade: "Ooo... you dog! You dog!"
Renegade 2: "Don't let us keep ya, man."

With the Renegade Woman on the ground floor:

Aiden: "Have you milked the goats?"
Renegade Woman: "Goats? What the fuck are you talking about?"
Aiden: "Sorry. My mistake."

With the male Renegades up the stairs:

Aiden: "Uh, I don't have a lotta time, I--"
Renegade: "Just take a second... boxers or briefs?"
Aiden: "Freeball. All the way."
Renegade: "See? Told ya! Who wear skivvies these days?"
Renegade 2: "I'll admit it. You were right."
Aiden: "Glad I could help. I gotta--"
Renegade 2: "Hey wait a minute... aren't you--?"
Aiden: "--In a hurry, yeah. Catch u guys later."

With the Renegade Woman on the top floor:

Aiden: "Have you milked the goats?"
Renegade Woman: "Don't know about goats, handsome, but if you're looking--"
Aiden: "Yeah, never mind."


  • "I do NOT wanna get stuck here for the night with these assholes. He's got one minute and I'm outta here!" - Renegade Woman during "Deep Cover"
  • "Why're these Renegades so ugly? Geez! This ain't an outpost. More of a dog show, tell you that much." - Renegade Woman during "Deep Cover"