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Ranger is a gear class in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. It adds stat bonuses to ranged weapons and stealth mechanics. Visually it is meant to appear more post apocalyptic than athletic. Every gear piece has 7 different colors, obtained from higher level pieces and higher rarities. Ranger gear is most commonly found in Airdrops.

Tier 1-3[]

Tier 3 Ranger Artifact

Tier 3 Artifact Set

Image Name Type
Neck Gaiter Headgear
Ranger Gloves Gloves
Plain Hoodie Chestpiece
Archer Wrappings Bracers
Camo Breeches Joggers
Firm Shoes Sneakers

Tier 4-6[]

Tier 6 Ranger Artifact

Tier 6 Artifact Set

Image Name Type
Sniper Mask Headgear
Sniper Mitts Gloves
Worm-out Vest Chestpiece
Falconeer Guards Bracers
Archer Breeches Joggers
Warm Hightops Sneakers

Tier 7-9[]

Tier 9er Ranger Artifact

Tier 9 Artifact Set

Image Name Type
Operative Kit Headgear
Steady Aim Gloves Gloves
Leather Jacket Chestpiece
Dragon Bracers Bracers
Leather Breeches Joggers
Camo Boots Sneakers
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