Rais's Gun is a firearm in Dying Light. It is a variant of the German 9mm Pistol and can be found in Old Town.

It can be found inside Rais's hotel room in the side quest The Shadow of the King.


Rais's Gun is a three-round burst pistol found in a hotel in Old Town during a side quest. Visually, the gun is a customized version of the German 9mm Pistol. It has a nickel-plated finish with custom ivory grips. Statistically, it is arguably the most versatile gun in the game, besting the Double-barrel Shotgun in terms of ammo capacity, range, accuracy and rate of fire. Its burst fire mode means that it does a total of 1119 damage if all three rounds hit the intended target.

To obtain Rais's Gun, the side quest, "The Shadow of the King", must be completed. The quest is available from Ishaq in Old Town. Towards the end of the quest, the player will end up in Rais' old hotel room. They will find the gun inside the locked supply crate.

Weapon Stats

Statistics Description
Firepower 247
Accuracy 95
Rate of Fire 60


  • In a previous version of the game, a glitch would occur when picking up the gun with a full inventory, which would cause it to be lost forever. After this fix, should the player pick up the gun with a full inventory, the gun is automatically transferred to the player's stash, accessible in most Safe Houses, among other areas.
  • Prior to being patched, Rais's gun used to do over 21K damage for the Legendary Levels, at ranked 15 out of 25 for the Firearms leveling system.


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