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Public Face
Game: Dying Light
Place: Public Face, Old Town, Harran
Previous Mission: Higher Education
Next Mission: Rendezvous

"Public Face" is the tenth story quest available in Dying Light.


The Ministry's convinced the rest of the world that there're no survivors left in Harran and soon they will be dropping enough bombs to turn that lie into the truth. I gotta help the Embers get a message to the outside world.

Meet with Michael in the sewers
I gotta find Michael. Whatever the Embers have in mind, if it stands any chance of working, I've got to make it happen.

Find Michael
I found Michael - he'll be guiding me over the radio. I'm supposed to plant charges in specific rooms; I don't know why, but I get the feeling it's gonna be more than just a little fireworks display...

Take the explosives
Reach the 10th floor
Plant explosives in apartments 105 and 108
Plant explosives in apartments 134 and 137
Find Michael's detonator
I have the detonator now. Let's see what this was all about.

Detonate charges to let the world know there are people in the quarantine
Those charges lit up the building with a big, fiery sad face. Ought to be pretty damn hard to miss from outside the city!