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"A Pilgrim's always a guy with some kind of dark past. A bandit, rebel, an outcast... "

The Pilgrims are a faction featured in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. They are not united in the normal sense of a faction, and the word "Pilgrim" refers more to the lifestyle/profession itself. They are compared to Japanese Ronin and Old-West Desperados due to their nomadic lifestyle.


The Pilgrims are a group of outcast survivors who travel across the world, acting as couriers, information carriers, and being the only real form of long-distance communication left between human settlements.

Despite their line of work, they have garnered a negative reputation among many survivors for many reasons, such as their nature of coming and going, lack of loyalty, and that many people who walk the Pilgrim's path are often criminals, who've either been forced to leave or have left their home settlements willingly, either to avoid punishment or exile.

Their work is incredibly dangerous and life threatening, as Pilgrim's are the only group of people that wander the Post-Fall world, outside of any settlements. According to Spike, most Pilgrims don't last 2-3 years on the road, although certain members, such as Aiden, had been doing it for 4 by 2036.

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