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"A Pilgrim's always a guy with some kind of dark past. A bandit, rebel, an outcast... "

The Pilgrims are a faction featured in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. They are not united in the normal sense of a faction, and the word "Pilgrim" refers more to the lifestyle/profession itself.


The Pilgrims are a group of outcast survivors who travel across the world, acting as couriers and being the only real form of long-distance communication left between human settlements. They have a negative reputation among many survivors due to their nature of coming and going.[1] According to Spike, most Pilgrims don't last 2-3 years on the road, although certain members, such as Aiden, had been doing it for 4 by 2036.[2]



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  2. Spike: "It's incredible."
    Aiden Caldwell: "What's incredible?"
    Spike: "Most Pilgrims don't last two, three years on the road. While you've been kicking around for what, four years now? And you're still alive."